Sofia Leitão (b. 1971), was born in London where she studied art. She lives and works in Lisbon in her two studios. Visual artist that works essentially with contemporary art, Artist awarded in international art prizes has been having individual and collective exhibitions around the world for more than 27 years. Her work is represented in various private and public collections.

Her work is marked by and hight mastery of color, contrast, and texture combined with the instigation of the sculptural sense of painting. Sofia has a unique way of presenting us to the world around her. Her work structure is marked by using sustainable and recycled materials, approaching the Póvera art concept from the ’60s where artists such as Michelangelo Pistoletto and Giuseppe Penone manifested themselves through the idea of approaching art towards everyday life through used materials.

Sofia Leitão is currently working in tridimensional works and paintings inspired in Portuguese landscapes and industrial scenes. 

Sofia Leitão

Video teaser of solo exhibition Sustainability Everyday. Assemblage painting on paper with cutouts, Sustainability and Caves Series

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